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Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

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I need desperately only $200 to help me move before the ending of this month.Please help me
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Justinneed
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for awhile now. This is a info site so there no cash on here. People come on asking for help with a place to rent lights gas food things like that
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Need $10,000. To buy three fixer upper homes from metro gov. Already have tenants and workers. I can locate most of the resources after $10,000 runs low. This will be the start of a empire!
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littlelacie   in reply to schindler
there is no cash on this site to help anyone. maybe try looking for another job or ask family for help. its hard to make suggestions as to what someone can do to pay bills, we don't even know what country you live in, so we are not able to suggest where and how you might find help. More information needed.
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I have been laid off from work,with no way of knowing when I might be able to return.I have been having serious financial struggle's,to hard to bear.Can anyone help me?
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littlelacie   in reply to 2cents
Hi, Roseb441702 has not been on this site since 2011. I noticed you have been posting to her.We have no way to contact her,sorry. Medicare and Medicaid is only for residents of US.
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Need housing? contact your local metropolitan housing authority. Need electric assistance or heat? apply for PIPP and HEAP. Need a cell phone? contact safe link for a free one with 250 min free. Need food or medical? Check your local jobs and families office and apply. Need utility cut off assistance? Salvation army. Need help with other stuff? Integrated services in your area can help. Online research food banks to help with food when food stamps are not enough. Are you disabled and homeless? Check your local metro housing it may have a program called shelter plus care that will get you a place to live and pay security deposits and most of monthly rent. Let's see did I miss anything? Need a car? need transportation to doctors? Jobs and families provides free transportation for those who qualify. Have minor children? contact jobs and families to see if PRC is available in your area and get a lump sum of cash each year to help with needs.
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2cents   in reply to jerry002
Medicaid. Medicare.
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2cents   in reply to Stephie55
When or if you get social security denial letter take it to a lawyer who specializes in social security to appeal the denial. Do not keep reapplying on your own. There is a time limit to appeal so get the letter to them asap.
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So where is the information? What is the organization contact info. The article is just a bunch of jibber jabber with no real meat to it. Doesn't tell how to actually get the help just that help is there. How is that supposed to help anyone. lol
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Good afternoon, my name is Stephanie. I am a school teacher. My husband had a cerebral stroke Feburary 2016. He is unable to work and I missed six weeks of work caring for him he applied for disability in March but no word. He has paid in to ss for 45 years. We have been able to keep up house note and the other essential bills meds and Dr. visits but unable to pay the hospital bills. Our children have helped as much as they can and our church has helped with medicine. Now this month it is all falling down around us. We have always been able to help other and now we can't even help ourselves. Can someone give us some guidance?
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littlelacie   in reply to Greggor
We do not know any resources that will help pay credit card bills and/or cellular phones, sorry.
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I am Greg, living in Thailand, I am needing urgent financial support to pay my credit card payment and my mobile phone payment, I am unemployed at the present time, I am having trouble making ends meet, I would appreciate a positive response, thanks so very much
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sonshinesas   in reply to jerry002
Not happening from here.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to jerry002
Hi i am sorry but we don't know info out side of the state s there no cash on this site everyone that comes on here need some kind of help
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hi, I m jerry living in muscat, oman need urgent financial support of 4000 US dollars to for getting treatment for my mother she urgently need to go for kidney treatment as her both kidney almost damaged. As I am not having any job at present and having legal court cases because of my business collapsed. I will appreciate your positive response. thanks
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littlelacie   in reply to tenzee
You posted to a lady that has not come on this site since 2011. this is an information site, there is no cash funding available on this site to lend to anyone, sorry.
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Hi, I am from Bhutan. I live in Capital city, I own small plot of land in the core of the capital. The Urban Developer Authority has sent me notice to construct the concrete building. I can get financial help from financial institution but however, to avail financial support I should erect one storied from my own finance.

For this, if you can support to finance $7500 without interest, that I assure to repay after renting out the building. Thanking you. Looking forward for positive response.
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littlelacie   in reply to mityoldman
Hi again. For referrals to resources across the state of Arizona, dial 1-800-352-3792(this is to the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness office and some other resources), also check with Salvation Army.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to mityoldman
U welcome
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