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Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

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gentlehands   in reply to nancy12759
NANCY TRY LOCAL churches or groups you see on the signs has you enter town/city
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godbless7   in reply to sonshinesas
do u have info on where i cn get it
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sonshinesas   in reply to eish
Sorry no funding here just information.
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buggers dad
Im a 30 yr old male with a wife and 2 great kids..i lost my job about 6 months ago due to an old back injury that has elavated to the point of 2 major surgers in the next 2 weeks..i do recive 125$ in unemployment a week but its not enough to keep our water and power on on top of wife is unable to work because she has to help me around and take care of the kids..weve been without water for 2 days now and the power is due for disconect on 1st of aug.i live in marion nc mcdowell county..and dss said thay couldent offer any more help....please help us.
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really ned help paying rent i have two kids im so scared
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Ok in atlanta ga is there any place help here. Im just became homeless in a city I know nothing about tring find a job. Im in chamblee part of Atlanta . Im scared put here.
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littlelacie   in reply to Feeling the pressure
You need to give your address[city,state, and county] and one of us on here will research what assistance might be available in your area, and let you know. You then need to contact the agency yourself and see if you qualify for the help. There is no cash available on this site so nothing to apply for here.
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I need emergency help I work at a high school due to a surgery I lost my summer job position n don't start work till August I am a single mother of three children n behind on rent I will be evicted in 30 days I need help do u know of any one who can help?
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Feeling the pressure
I have heard of this a long time ago but only recently find myself in need of it I am behind on my bills I just recently got another job and my roommate lost his job how do I apply and should I apply or my roommate. If we can get caught up I can manage bill alone but our landlord in threatening eviction. Please point me in the right direction.
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Im currently about to be homeless in 2 weeks, i have no car , no job, and no parents, my mother is presumed missing and my father was brutally murdered when i was 12, no friends to ask for help, I just want to get on my feet I don't know where to find help , i am an out of state Michigan resident in Virginia, im am extremely adhd and suffer from major depression both are documented,I can't hold down a job very long no mater how hard i try without medication which i can't afford. The last person i did odd jobs for refuses to pay me after nearly a months work, I don't know what to do and its pushing me to brink of suicide, help please...
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sonshinesas   in reply to lover jsmv
Try getting SS for the kids, death benefits. Call 211 for local help as there is no funds here.
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lover jsmv
About a year or so ago My twin brother was taking from us bu a stray bullet, leaving behind his twin boys. I packed up what stuff we had and moved us to York pa. Im barely getting part time hours at my job . Lost my place and now I'm about to be thrown out on the streets from my so called friend. Im in need of any help I can get until I get back on my feet. In need of first months rent and security deposit. My car has numorous things wrong with it, its about $1000 for repairs, for the last few nights I've been staying in it while my boys sleep at my friends. Im in desperation. Please help me provide a safe home for the small children. God bless
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i am contacting you for my bf we need rent and electric and food assistance hes disabled and i am waiting on disability so therefore he tries to pay everything but he doesn't make enough to pay all the bills he's on SSI i am in the court process but i haven't heard anything yet i got to go for a colonogy and i need liquids but i have no liquids we were suppose to pay the rent on the 3rd but we don't have it i don't know how long it will take before the landlord tells us she hasn't said anything yet the food bank in phoenix AZ didn't give us much for a month and we been doing without i have to have food to take my medicine i have to take we need about $1000 to get caught up please help us i have health problems just like he does but mine is worse i might have to have several surgery but i don't about it yet til my appointments please thanks for your concern god bless you if you can help us
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Raindg55   in reply to Smile24
Try the Mayer Foundation, 212 772-0004, 300 East 74th St 35A NY NY 10021, Mr. Charles Mayer. Sorry don't have the web address. Good Luck.
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I need help! I am expecting a baby and I have a two year old. My husband just walked out on us and we are stuck in an apartment with nowhere to go. Rent was due Tuesday and if it's not paid by next Wednesday(July 9) we are being evicted. I cannot afford to lose my place to live and my landlord is not letting me buy time while i file child support on my now ex-husband. Please Please help me. I need $600
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Hello. My husband and I are going to be evicted soon. We are doing our best to find jobs but are caught in a bad situation. We just need enough to catch up or appease our landlord. We have lived here for years without problems.
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Hello im looking for some help ive been trying to get dissability but I may be homeless soon need some assistancemy ... thank u
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hi my name is dawn currently i am physically separated with my husband i am with my brother with my kids. we decided to left him because he doesnt support us even our kids my kids go to scholl but all expenses our food and everything are shouldered by me thats the reason why i wasnt able to pay my credit card bills and right now the credit card company already txt me that they will sue me for ra 8484 im afraid i will go to jail my kids are still very young i don know how to solve my problem i really need your help i dont want my kids to be affected and my mom who is too old to handle all this pls do help me even a small amount will do
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desperate mover
I am 100% disabled and bed ridden. My husband is at least 50% disabled and unable to work. He is my care giver. We got a 60 day notice. out on August 1. unable to pack, move (physically and no truck) unpack, No deposit on this house, not able to save for deposit on new house, 1st months rent, dog deposit and moving expenses. can't find a house in a desent area, I make alittle over any other assistaqnce. we are frozen with stress and unable to figure out what to do. Can you please help us!
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I'm in a wheelchair, very much disabled. Local MHA is evicting me in 3 weeks, I'll die on the streets without help. All other avenues of help closed. Can't afford attorney. Here's what's really happening: I said things about them on my blog they didn't like, but they couldn't evict me for it. MHA is big businesses. So they found a loophole, housekeeping inspection. I passed everything but inspector focused on teeny thing, what I can't clean. And for that loophole I'm being evicted. Legal aid can't help, tried civil rights commission, tried HUD, etc. I'm also an atheist, so local Christian cult won't help. I owe three major slumlords money, so no help. I can't take anymore violent housing, it's only served to make me sicker. There's really no more help. Can't do anything outside of wheelchair. I guess that's it for me, unless there's help I haven't heard of.
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