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Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

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barbiecakes808   in reply to (((Last chance 4 greatness)))
With out knowing exactly what State / City you are in I can only give you a few suggestions. Look up Scholarships and Grants in your area for your specific degree you are interested in earning.. If you are an athlete there is financial assistance based on that too. Look up information at your local library and the College library you are interested in attending. Some grant information is often in the reference area behind the librarians desk and you have to ask for it and leave an I.D. to be able to look up additional funding that may not be listed "on line" or available in the financial aid office. Most people do not know all there is to know about the grants and scholarships avaliable ( as there are literally hundreds of thousands of grants and scholarships out there) if you want that information you have to invest in your self and spend the time to look it up for yourself . You seem a determined and willing to make your life better for your self and others in your life , so here are additional suggestions.
Look up *Public and *Private Organizations in your area that will be of assistance to you. Then look up *Professional Associations that cater to your specific ethnicity/degree/need. A lot of grants and scholarships are based on "financial need" but some require "merit" of some sort such as high grades ,conduct,character , and some may require an "essay" ( for example) why you think you should get the funds. Some are specifically for those of a certain ethnicity , for example they have grants/scholarships/ and educational funding for those who are "Asian,Hispanic,African American, Indian,Pacific islander,etc... the list is endless. Look up" non traditional grants and scholarships too as some help just because you are.... a *single parent, (or) are *left handed , had a *parent or *relative who served in the military who died or was injured, and There is assistance for those who were in *foster homes,or those who's *parent worked in a specific field (or ) business. There are many many organizations and Associations that are willing to be of assistance you just have to do some searching and find the ones that suite you the best. If you are in need of "emergency financial assistance" Look up "Catholic Charities,Salvation Army and other "emergency financial assistance' Organizations in your area ( and may have other grants avaliable too ) they often help out with a one time rent deposit and rent, electric etc. If they can't help you they usually refer you to some one who can.
I hope this helps
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Is there a phone number or website for this agency?
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CianaC   in reply to forevertorn
Thank you:)
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forevertorn   in reply to CianaC
The only one I've ever known of is the red cross. But from my experience they didn't help out as much as I assumed they would have. Maybe you could try calling them? Good luck!
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CianaC   in reply to forevertorn
Thank you so much!! I am just not aware of any organizations that help house fire victims:/
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Hi, my name is Alicia! I am a security officer that works 40 hours a week. I don't make enough to even get by. I just found out that my uncle who I am very close to has 6 months or less to live due to liver and kidney failure! I am broke and am trying to find help in getting a round trip flight so I can say good bye to him! Is their anyone that could help me? He has been asking why I haven't come to see him yet! It is breaking my heart.
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forevertorn   in reply to CianaC
Oh my goodness, Sweetie! I wish I could help you! Reading your soul poured out onto this page brought tears to my eyes. I hope your mama knows exactly how you feel about her. She sounds wonderful and you do too
I'm very heartbroken over your problem and pray you get the help you and your family deserve.
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I need a miracle to be quite honest. My family has been through a lot, especially this past year. My mother, two brothers, and I have been struggling to get by lately. My mother writes grants for a non profit company for practically free. She also helps run a six week summer camp for children with social and developmental disabilities which I have volunteered at and more recently became a counselor at. She is an amazing person and I look up to her an incredibly great deal. She is the strongest person I know and yet the most patient and kind. She is understanding, passionate, and determined. I love her to death and she has even inspired me to start my own nature camp for children with special needs. My mother and father were divorced when I was young because he became involved with drugs and abused my mother. He is still a burden and will show up for a month and stay with us and then leave and we won't hear from him for weeks or months at a time. When they split she really didn't get anything but us and the two bedroom house we lived in, but that was all she needed. We moved to Wheeling, WV when I was in third grade to take care of my grandfather after my grandmother died. My grandfather died the same year and the house was left to us as part of an unsettled estate. Last fall the house that four generations of my family has lived in burned. I was the only one home and they said they couldn't figure out the exact cause but it had definitely started near my bedroom. I don't know what I did to start the fire and I watched helplessly as fire trucks took what seemed like forever to come. We had no insurance because the house was part of the estate and we could not get insurance on it. It was an extremely hard time for my family, but the community responded very graciously and the parents of my brother's friend allowed us to move into the two bedroom house they owned. We have lived here a few months but they have now asked us to move out by July after my an incident with my father. The estimated cost to take down what was left of my home is around twenty-thousand dollars. We do not have that type of money, nor do we have anyway to get it. I don't know where we will end up if we can't find a place to live. Rent is very high here and almost everything is taken already because of the fracking industries' workers. I am a very brave person thanks to my mother but I am scared, and even if she doesn't show it, I know she is, too. I have been very sick the past couple months and have missed half of my senior year due to a dysfunctional gall bladder which I recently had laparoscopically removed. I missed going to my state swimming competition, state tennis competition, and state speech competition. I was not permitted to go to my senior dinner dance, senior prom, and I am not even permitted to walk at graduation with the rest of my class and friends due to my excessive absences from hospital stays. My G.P.A. Dropped dramatically and what should've been an easy process of applying to colleges and scholarships has become a struggle. I do not even know if I will be able to attend college now and further my education to pursue a lifelong dream of protecting our environment. I am desperate to find a solution to the mess I made of my family's lives. I need a miracle. If you know of anyone or any organizations that could help my family please contact me at, or at 304-280-8328. My mother is a good person and doesn't deserve the challenges she has been forced to overcome. My little brothers are talented and I do not want this to become the reason they give up hope. I am just hoping that somehow I can find a solution. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It's amazing that people don't realize what a difference they can make in someone's else's life. Thank you for embracing the gift that you have earned, and sharing it with the rest of the world so that others may have the same opportunity to become successful and give back.
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Has anyone really gotten any help?
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How do you apply for this?
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How do I apply??
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Hi I'm 41 disabled been awaiting ssi for over 2yrs no results yet,my wife is kicking me out of the home,can you help?
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BaddCatt   in reply to C Mac
Hey "C" !!!!!

I've missed you.
I'm going to do better than hitting a "like" button. For you, I'm going to hit the LOVE button ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Thank you for putting me in my place. I don't know why misspelled words bother me so much. I know it's what's in the heart that counts. When little children write and misspell the words and some of the alphabet characters are backwards, I think it's adorable. But for adults, I don't know. My thing with spelling may be rooted in the fact that as slaves, Black people weren't allowed to read and ignorance helped keep them in control. There's no forced slavery anymore. There's really no excuse for so much illiteracy. Knowledge is power. But people have become "slaves" to a system of poverty. Too many people seem complacent in their ignorance. Rather than being serious about their education, they want to sit in the classroom, texting about the party they're going to that night. And then, when they can't get a decent job, they feel perfectly justified in asking for handouts.

Oh well. Once again, stepping off my soap box. Leave a donation in the collection plate on your way out. And don't be a stranger. ☼☻♪♫♥
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old lady
i need help paying my bills please help this widow
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C Mac   in reply to BaddCatt
I wish there was a like button. You give such good advice :)
Not so sure on the spelling issue though. I've know many people with a college degree that couldn't spell worth a hoot. Just wasn't their strength. Spell check doesn't always help either.
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(((Last chance 4 greatness)))
I don't know if I qualify for anything but I am a college student I am 20 years old and my life is falling apart. I am living in the dark. My whole family is disapearing and I'm just a kid trying to get out of the hood. My father is already homeless and that hurts me even though he hasn't been there my whole life im quick to forgive. My mother's house is up for forclosure right now. She is working three jobs and trying to live a stable life but it is not enough because of my schooling. I know a scholarship will come to me really soon but this problem has jumped in the way. I recently had a son and he will be on the streets soon also if I don't find a way. These things happen and there is nothing I can do about it. My only option is to turn to crime which I have avoided many times how tempting it is with my enviroment. I am the only one who can fix my family and make it out of this city. I have a balance of 2134.25 cents left for my spring bill. Time is running out and all I get is that fake smerk saying they can't help at the finacial aid office. The NFL is my final destination along with graduating. Some say I'm the best they have ever seen. One day I want to set things up so I can make it so nobody else has to go what I am going through. I read most of the stories on here and it even hurts me I can't help them and I am currently down and out myself. Please help me you can save a life right now. If I have to go back to Erie PA knowing that everything was ruined over 2000 bucks I wouldn't be able to live the same ever again. Nobody wants it more than me I will clean toilets whatever I have to do hard labor anything. I just want to be a positive person and that can't happen if what is about to go down goes down PLEASE i really need help. If you can't help me please tell me a person who can I just want to live.
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Vicky Poo
Hi, I might have alot or nothing to much to say. It all depends how I feel, I am 40 yrs. old ane my husband died May 8, 2012 and I have three boys and it has been very hard coping without him. My boys is trying to cope ok, my oldest is 14 years old and he has done something bad to help me. I love him and I do love them all, it is not the answer. I really need finacial assistance for my rent, at least until I get some more hours to make up the differnce.
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BaddCatt   in reply to nenaabby
Hello nenaabby

First I have to criticize you about something. I know this will anger some people, but I have to say it. You spelled "literally" two different ways, and both are wrong. You're a college student. What's the deal? I've noticed that there are many illiterate people on this site, and that's to be expected because a poor education can lead to poor choices and financial difficulty. But since you're in college, I have to assume that you have a high school education.

Oh well. Enough of that, and sorry if I offended you. On to your problem.
Why do your parents want you out of the house so badly? If they really want you gone, what they can do is charge you a rental fee that you can afford. They should take that money and BANK it. DON"T SPEND IT. In a few months, you'll have enough for a deposit on a nice efficiency, or if your college has dorms, you may wish to stay on campus.
One more bit of advice - Forget the social life. Keep your head in those books.
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hi i am a twenty year old college student currently enrolled. my parents are stressing me out about getting myself out the house. i am willing to pay rent, i litterely stopped taking care of myself. i stopped shopping and litterly dont have a social life. i am working but my job cut all my coworkers & my hours in half. i dont make much to afford an apt. i am in desperate need to find a home before i end up on the streets, thats my biggest fear. anyone know where i can seek for help? or some place i can go to? thank you so much. i live in the north west part of houston, tx.
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Hi I have moved to Australia from New Zealand as I couldn't get work in nz but have been unable to get work in Australia either I am staying with family and cannot afford to get my medications for heart and blood pressure tablets as it cost a $100 a month nobody seems to offer any help is there any help for me at all.
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