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Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Roseb441702 started this conversation

for all of those who are looking for financial assistance to help with an emergency financial should know that there are organizations out there that can help you.....

Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Are you facing a financial emergency?

There is one organization that has helped more than 80 individuals/families in need of financial assistance. In 2009 one of the organization's funding programs - which provide emergency funding assistance has given out nearly 300 percent more in assistance than it did in all of 2008.

The purpose of this grant program is to help individuals and families who have chronic financial challenges.

People who qualify for assistance from this fund include those who have lost their jobs, have been out of work for months and months and have exhausted all their savings and resources. According to a spokesperson, "If they fit the criteria, they are able to access this fund for months at a time.”

This grant program was created as a way to help people who don’t qualify for one of the organization's other grant programs.

This funding program has been around for the last 20 years!

The grant program only makes one-time, emergency disbursements. Last year, 32 individuals or families received financial assistance through this funding program. So far over 75 individuals and/or families have received $75,000 in 2009!

This funding program is good for people who tend to struggle with something every year.

Since some of these funding programs are both relatively new, not many people know about them!

What's more the organization itself receives grant money itself to help fund their own grant programs!

One of the organizations funding programs is intended to help with large, one-time emergencies. It was established in a few years ago through the generosity of an anonymous donor. Grants have helped a couple with funeral expenses. Another time it helped a man repair his home after a fire. He had let his home owner’s insurance lapse.

The first step in obtaining assistance is leaving a message on the organization's helpline. The message will usually be returned by a caseworker within 24 hours. A spokesperson for the funding program said the initial phone call between the organization and the applicant takes between five and 10 minutes. Once the exact problem has been determined, the applicant is matched with a social worker, who meets with the client to make a fuller assessment of the situation. Thereafter, the social worker presents the case to the case-management team to decide whether the applicant qualifies for funds. Each application is evaluated on an individual basis. There are clear guidelines, but no set formula to receive assistance.

“If somebody needs financial assistance then we make sure they are taking advantage of other government programs. We have a whole checklist of programs to make sure that they are taking advantage of all the things they can” says the program's spokesperson. Applicants who need emergency funds may also qualify for other programs that the organization has to offer.

It is recommended that applicants apply as early as possible because the number of people seeking assistance has increased so much over the past year and because of that it can now take several weeks to actually receive assistance.

In 2008, 40 people, on average, called the organization for assistance each month. Last year more than 200 people called for help. While not all of these phone calls are for emergency needs, this shows that there has been a marked increase in the need for all of our services, includingemergency financial assistanceemergency assistance.

According to the program's spokesperson, “If somebody comes to us and says ‘I’m being evicted tomorrow it’s very hard to help. If someone comes in and says ‘I’m being evicted in three weeks,’ we can help”.


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Could you please provide the name of the organization and the contact information so that I can contact them. Thank you.
Talk to jaymomma
It started when I ended up inn the hospital two months ago May 28,2014. I was at work and U was having chest pains and a ci-worker drove me to the hospital. I was there for two days and they couldn't find anything wrong with me. Even though it took me tqo weeks to walk the way I use to. It is July of 2014 and I see a dictor that wants me to do physical therapy for my back pain before he will di a MRI. Since the hospital I have had a urinary tract infection, severe back pain and massive abdominal pain.So far this yearia I have had pneumonia, bronchitis and high blood pressure, by passing out onto the floor the night before. Thank you for your time.
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Mommy of 3 in TN   in reply to laticia23
Hello, I'm sorry your going through such a tough time. Have you applied for public housing? Also try calling 211 or going to type city and state. A list of agencies will come up. Some help with rent & deposit. Also with food. Try going to your local DHS and apply for all assistance. Hope this helps.
Talk to Mommy of 3 in TN
Everynight i cry my self to sleep because i have come to an point where i lost everything. Providing for kids is all i know. And now i can't i have no help family or friend wise. Every other day i have to call different people to see where we can sleep or call around to see if someone cook so that i can make sure they eat...the sad
part it is my kids don't even know what's going on.. my oldest daughter would always ask me mama when are we going home. I seriously need help...
Talk to laticia23
im a single mom who lost her job and having a hard time getting another one im behind on rent and i have an evection notice and have no money to pay my bills either my checking account is overdrawn as well i have reached rock bottom and i need help bad what can i doo
Talk to pfoutz20
Hello...I am a 33 year old male along with my 35 year old brother...who for the past year or so we both were taking care of our terminally ill father who was fighting a long battle with a rare lung disease called pulmonary fibrosis... No known cause no cure...he sadly passed away July and my brother are both unemployed and as of our fathers passing my brother lost his caregiver payments and I couple months ago went broke helping with everything...I hate what to me seems like asking for a handout...but we are in a financial crisis otherwise I wouldn't even look for aid...if any help can be given I would gladly accept anything even if its just a friend to talk to in this dark time...thank you...
Talk to mojojojo1981
im 48 male ive been home fromthe hospital for 1.5 monthes . I had to have an emergency heart surgery .do to an infection from the hospital ..please help if you can
Talk to lemonsqueezer
Couple with 4 kids
My husband and I hav four kids & my husband is having hip replacement surgery in September. We are looking for assistance to make it for 3 months while he is unemployed. We are only 33 & all four kids are under twelve. We live in nw louisiana. Need at least 2500 dollars to get us thru. Plz can someone help us?
Talk to Couple with 4 kids
Do you have the phone number to call for assistance? I am single mother who is currently in process of filing for disability and need money badly to pay the bills. I am to sick to be able to work a full time job and a part time job will not cover utilities and all rent. I fear I going to end up homeless and losing my child.
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sonshinesas   in reply to Havlin
Call them and ask for an extension or a payment plan
Talk to sonshinesas
I need help paying my house taxes. I own the house but I can afford to pay the taxes. The city of Peoria is take my home from me on May of 2015. Is there anybody out there that will pay my house taxes so i don't lose my house?
Talk to Havlin
I'm 19 years old. I just lost my dad and had to move on my own right before. Right after he passed i had My appendix and gallbladder out. Two weeks later i had a blood clot that they had to take out. I just found out i am having knee surgery on August 7th, I need help with rent for 3 months.... I Hate asking for help from anyone but i am willing to pay you back in time. I will pay 100 monthly if someone could help pay my rent. Thank you in advance.
Talk to MakellJo
I am a single mother of two kids and we were evicted out of our home back in March. We have been staying where ever we could find a place to stay. Sometimes a couple of days with friends other times a shelter. I am so far behind on my bills that I am getting threatening letters from lawyers stating they are going to start garnishments against my wages. I am having to choose now whether to put for on the table for me and my children to eat or to make payments on some of these bills. I do have a job that I work at full time but I cannot seem to get ahead I just keep getting farther and farther behind. If there is any possible way to be able to get some monetary assistance I promise that I will Pay it back by paying it forward once I get on my feet to someone else in need
Talk to angoct141971
Im Norberto Bantillo Jr. from Philippines i badly need financial asistance for the schooling of my 5 kids im not working due to lumbar spasm and severe back pain due to hard labor job when i was still working i need good hearted people to support for the education of my 5 kids share your blessings to the needed God bless you all.
Talk to dharry
So how do you contact this fund? Due to my location and circumstances, They sound like my only hope. I am desperate for about $700 to pay back rent, and possibly eat.
Talk to olelady
I'm married with 2 children and my husband lost his job in January and was without work until the beginning of May. I'm a self-employed hairdresser and I'm barely making any money. We have struggled and are barely getting by right now. We have used all of our savings and used all of our resources. We are unable to pay our rent and we are barely paying utilities and buying food. If our rent is late they charge us $35 on the 4th and $15 a day every day after. We owe $1420 right now and have nothing to pay with. I fear we are not going to have a place to live. If you could please help us. We are behind on several other bills as well. God bless.
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Lori Ortiz
Need help financially for my mom she had major heart surgery on Dec 11 2013 an still in rehab she now has to go on medicaid an we have lots of bills and don't want to lose her home please help my name is Lori she us doing so much better still needs rehab before coming home during all this she list part of her finger an right thumb on left hand and all of her toes please help thank you
Talk to Lori Ortiz
Miss RB
I'm living in Panama City, from Maine. My daughter got into some trouble and will be doing some jail time. She has a 3 year old, his father passed away 2 years ago. There isn't anyone when its time for my daughter to leave to take the baby, so the grandmother that I am I want to bring him here to live with me. That is what I need help with, I lost my job last month so I have no funds to be able to go get him. so please, please help me get my grandson. My fear is when its time for my daughter to leave I won't be their for her or my grandson, the state will get him and then I'll never get him out. So please find it in your heart to help me save this family. My daughter will be coming to live with me after her time served. This will be happening very soon. Thank-You for your time.
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JessPooh   in reply to littlelacie
I am in glendale arizona and am now forced to come up with 630$ if not more with the late fees because I got help through cap and was under the impression they paid it. I did not find out until the last minute. I am a single mother of 2 children and currentlh pregnant.
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I have a medical condition that I can not afford to get the help I need. I have had to travel to try find some place. that required me to leave my job .. and I will soon need to pay bills that are on automatic.
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