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Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Roseb441702 started this conversation

for all of those who are looking for financial assistance to help with an emergency financial should know that there are organizations out there that can help you.....

Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Are you facing a financial emergency?

There is one organization that has helped more than 80 individuals/families in need of financial assistance. In 2009 one of the organization's funding programs - which provide emergency funding assistance has given out nearly 300 percent more in assistance than it did in all of 2008.

The purpose of this grant program is to help individuals and families who have chronic financial challenges.

People who qualify for assistance from this fund include those who have lost their jobs, have been out of work for months and months and have exhausted all their savings and resources. According to a spokesperson, "If they fit the criteria, they are able to access this fund for months at a time.”

This grant program was created as a way to help people who don’t qualify for one of the organization's other grant programs.

This funding program has been around for the last 20 years!

The grant program only makes one-time, emergency disbursements. Last year, 32 individuals or families received financial assistance through this funding program. So far over 75 individuals and/or families have received $75,000 in 2009!

This funding program is good for people who tend to struggle with something every year.

Since some of these funding programs are both relatively new, not many people know about them!

What's more the organization itself receives grant money itself to help fund their own grant programs!

One of the organizations funding programs is intended to help with large, one-time emergencies. It was established in a few years ago through the generosity of an anonymous donor. Grants have helped a couple with funeral expenses. Another time it helped a man repair his home after a fire. He had let his home owner’s insurance lapse.

The first step in obtaining assistance is leaving a message on the organization's helpline. The message will usually be returned by a caseworker within 24 hours. A spokesperson for the funding program said the initial phone call between the organization and the applicant takes between five and 10 minutes. Once the exact problem has been determined, the applicant is matched with a social worker, who meets with the client to make a fuller assessment of the situation. Thereafter, the social worker presents the case to the case-management team to decide whether the applicant qualifies for funds. Each application is evaluated on an individual basis. There are clear guidelines, but no set formula to receive assistance.

“If somebody needs financial assistance then we make sure they are taking advantage of other government programs. We have a whole checklist of programs to make sure that they are taking advantage of all the things they can” says the program's spokesperson. Applicants who need emergency funds may also qualify for other programs that the organization has to offer.

It is recommended that applicants apply as early as possible because the number of people seeking assistance has increased so much over the past year and because of that it can now take several weeks to actually receive assistance.

In 2008, 40 people, on average, called the organization for assistance each month. Last year more than 200 people called for help. While not all of these phone calls are for emergency needs, this shows that there has been a marked increase in the need for all of our services, includingemergency financial assistanceemergency assistance.

According to the program's spokesperson, “If somebody comes to us and says ‘I’m being evicted tomorrow it’s very hard to help. If someone comes in and says ‘I’m being evicted in three weeks,’ we can help”.


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woman in a shoe   in reply to SharryB2014
Well the person u.posted to not been on here for some years now. Also there no cash on this site and there no resources that will pay for that
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Shelley Faye
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for some years now. But I can tell u this trailers are good for getting mold and u not going to get real of it all I can tell u to get out of there
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Shelley Faye
I live in a trailor that is full of mold and daughter became a widow in 2008.....we had nowhere to go so someone gave this to us.....she was going to school to become a nurse,but got sick.We have been here all this time.......used all our funds to fight this issue,and it's only getting daughter almost died....
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littlelacie   in reply to myownhome
We can only give you information about places that might help. There is no cash on this site. I'm sorry but the person you wrote to has not been on here for a long time. We do not know of any place that gives people a free house.
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littlelacie   in reply to SharryB2014
The person you wrote to has not been on here for a long time. I'm sorry there is no cash on this site all we can do is tell you of places that might help. We do not know of any places that gives people money for trips.
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Hi and God bless..

I am a 6! Yr old widow in a wheelchair....I desperately need a power pole on my property so that I can have power....Temps have reached 100° and I don't know how much longer I can stand it with no air....I try to sleep through the hottest part of the day so my body temperature lowers and my breathing is much more shallow. ...Do you know any organization that would help me get a power pole. ...I'm in Lexington, SC.....Thank you in advance for any help and may God bless you for listening. ..
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im looking for someone to help me buy my first home just for me i' raised 3 children 2 that I bore and my oldest g son and part of the way my god son, I help out with my gg grand daughter now I just would like what i allways won'ted my own home just for me to enjoy. but I don't have the money to do that to is there anyone that will do that for me, and I never had help from anyone to raises these children not even ther parents it was very hard
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Hi, my fiance and I are trying to get to New Jersey. I have not see my family in 8 years and he has never met them. We are trying to get together enough money to make it home for Christmas (or just after) but bills leave us no room to even save a little. I am disabled and live on SSI, my fiance has been trying to find work but has yet to be hired. We need about $750 to send to my mother in NJ so she can rent a car and come get us for an extended visit. Please we have tried our best but have no way to afford to send her the money.
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Lost my Sparkle
I am in need of assistance. I am a single mom and I've always worked a full time job. Until July that is. I was wrongfully terminated from my job, Texas is at at will employer so nothing can be done. I am receiving unemployment benefits but after paying rent that doesn't go far. Have car payment, electric, gas, water, insurance, food... I live a very simple life but it's about to get worse. Recently during a child support review, my ex found out I wasn't working and he decided that this was the best time to fight me for custody. Im going further and further into the hole by the minute and face new bills and challenges everyday. I had to spend all saved money to hire attorney for me and have been responsible to pay half on my attorney fees. Not to mention the number of miles going back and forth to court. I scared I'm going to lose everything I've worked so hard for. Including my baby girl. I have to get a psych eval that is out of pocket since I'm not working, at $750 and do a bonding assessment for $400. I've already spent any extra money. I still can't believe I'm not working and don't have anyone I can turn to. I am not even sure what programs I would be eligible for and I pray this is a real site. Any help, advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Hello. I am a soon-to-be divorced mother and grandmother with a 17 year old son and 2 year old grandson living with me. I am disabled and am pending benefits. As of yesterday, my gas heat and hot water have been turned off. The PUC is making them turn it back on due to my medical issues but I only have 15 days to come up with $750-$1130. I give a range because one customer service person stated $750 and another said $1130. I have been trying to make a payment arrangement but because it is so close to Winter, they will not allow it unless this minimum is paid first. (The $750 or $1130, which ever is correct) If you can assist; it would be most appreciated and I am more than willing to pay it back once my benefits begin. PS I do get a small monthly amount in for Survivors benefits for my son, who's father passed away 4 years ago. Thank you.
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sonshinesas   in reply to I Need peace in my soul
Call the power company and work out a payment plan with them. If they find you are connected illegally they will fine you and shut it off for a long long time. Priorities your bills; housing and electric first, pay something on everything else. If you qualify for assistance get it until you dig out of the hole you are in.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Kaitlybrianne
The person u posted to not been on here for some years now. All we can do is give u information where u mite get help. I want u to type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u sure fine a lot of info there that mite be able to help
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My name is kaitlyn and I have a small family. My fiancé works 40 hrs a week. He also has child support to pay which take $500 out of his paychecks a month. We got behind in rent when I had to be a stay at home mom. I have a 7 month old. I am currently looking for another job, but we are being evicted. I have been around churches in town and tried calling other organizations. Not much luck...but my state does not have a lot of charities available. I really need help with my back rent that is $965. My electric is also being shut off...please help.

Thank you,
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Hello my name is Lonnie I served 8 yrs. in the navy. Iam a truck driver in the Chicago Il. For the last 28 yrs. My company has decline in past three years it's been hard paying the mortgage,light,gas,phone and buying foods. I can't afford to get the repairs my home need like tuck pointing,window fix and water leaking because the wall need sealing. My car is broke down, need a transmission. If you can help me I will appreciate it so much and GOD Bless.
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I am a 22 year old male, for the past year I have had 2 surgeries. The 1st surgery was exactly 1 year ago, I had a pilinidal cyst excised. The surgical wound never healed, I was not able to work for 2 months after initial surgery. I worked but missed a lot of work due to doctors appointments. The 2nd surgery happened in April, the cyst was re-excised and a wound-vac was installed. I was bedridden for 2 months, then wound vac was removed and put back on 2 weeks later then it broke. The wound still has not healed and I am unable to work and the bills are piling up. My parents have helped me they paid for the first surgery, but my mother has been an unemployed college student for the past year and has had oral surgery. They can no longer financially help. My mother takes me to my appointments and changes my dressing daily. I have tried to get unemployment but since I can not physically work I am not eligible. I need help paying for my medical bills, can you help me?
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I Need peace in my soul
Hi I'm seeking help for help getting caught up on two things.. Rent I can't seem to get caught up due to all the late fees. I also need help with the electric bill. I have only been able to catch up on my rent and pay my daily living expenses. I work 72 hrs a week. I will be fine if I could only get caught up. I'm not on any assistance. I'm not a taker. This is uncomfortable to me. The worst thing Ihhaven't mentioned is my power was cut off. In dispire I illegally turned it on by myself. I'm shared to death of the consequence. I spend my entire day worried and afraid. I haven't a way out. I have no family or support other then my children. My mom passed in 08 suddenly. She was my rock. .... Thanks for reading any advice is appreciate!!!! Take care!!!! Jodie
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being evicted in three day tried to get government assistance but the landlord failed to give me the right info so the money could go to them well I went to the office to get them to sign they never showed or answered my calls now they are kicking us out no place to go need emergency help to find a new place to the landlord not willing to sign
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Ayiku   in reply to AZKZYLDY
Please help m out.i am a boy of 22 years and am out of work. I find it very difficult to even get a plate of food to eat. Please i will be happy if someone could give me some money to start a small business to support my self with.thank you.
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I am a 24 year old single mother of two boys 4 years old and 5 month's old. I am divorced and going through a tough financial crisis. I have struggled as ling as I can now I am facing eviction, my bills are becoming past due and I am trying my best to catch up but can't seem to get ahead. I have a full time job, but it doesn't pay to make ends meet. I have tried to get government assistance but can't seem to qualify. My boys deserve so much that I feel I can't give them right now and I am struggling to try. I'm at ends and am really needing help I would be more than grateful for an answered prayer to help us get on our feet! I know there are so many single parents out there struggling and I want so bad to go back to school and to help others as I know what they are going through. Its very tough being in this position. I ask that I please get help out of the hole that my family has inconveniently been put in. Please please help. I am needing help as soon as possible so my children are not put out oft heir home...please help.
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