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Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Roseb441702 started this conversation

for all of those who are looking for financial assistance to help with an emergency financial should know that there are organizations out there that can help you.....

Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Are you facing a financial emergency?

There is one organization that has helped more than 80 individuals/families in need of financial assistance. In 2009 one of the organization's funding programs - which provide emergency funding assistance has given out nearly 300 percent more in assistance than it did in all of 2008.

The purpose of this grant program is to help individuals and families who have chronic financial challenges.

People who qualify for assistance from this fund include those who have lost their jobs, have been out of work for months and months and have exhausted all their savings and resources. According to a spokesperson, "If they fit the criteria, they are able to access this fund for months at a time.”

This grant program was created as a way to help people who don’t qualify for one of the organization's other grant programs.

This funding program has been around for the last 20 years!

The grant program only makes one-time, emergency disbursements. Last year, 32 individuals or families received financial assistance through this funding program. So far over 75 individuals and/or families have received $75,000 in 2009!

This funding program is good for people who tend to struggle with something every year.

Since some of these funding programs are both relatively new, not many people know about them!

What's more the organization itself receives grant money itself to help fund their own grant programs!

One of the organizations funding programs is intended to help with large, one-time emergencies. It was established in a few years ago through the generosity of an anonymous donor. Grants have helped a couple with funeral expenses. Another time it helped a man repair his home after a fire. He had let his home owner’s insurance lapse.

The first step in obtaining assistance is leaving a message on the organization's helpline. The message will usually be returned by a caseworker within 24 hours. A spokesperson for the funding program said the initial phone call between the organization and the applicant takes between five and 10 minutes. Once the exact problem has been determined, the applicant is matched with a social worker, who meets with the client to make a fuller assessment of the situation. Thereafter, the social worker presents the case to the case-management team to decide whether the applicant qualifies for funds. Each application is evaluated on an individual basis. There are clear guidelines, but no set formula to receive assistance.

“If somebody needs financial assistance then we make sure they are taking advantage of other government programs. We have a whole checklist of programs to make sure that they are taking advantage of all the things they can” says the program's spokesperson. Applicants who need emergency funds may also qualify for other programs that the organization has to offer.

It is recommended that applicants apply as early as possible because the number of people seeking assistance has increased so much over the past year and because of that it can now take several weeks to actually receive assistance.

In 2008, 40 people, on average, called the organization for assistance each month. Last year more than 200 people called for help. While not all of these phone calls are for emergency needs, this shows that there has been a marked increase in the need for all of our services, includingemergency financial assistanceemergency assistance.

According to the program's spokesperson, “If somebody comes to us and says ‘I’m being evicted tomorrow it’s very hard to help. If someone comes in and says ‘I’m being evicted in three weeks,’ we can help”.


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Hi, my name is Debra Duke, I'm 55 yrs old and I am 100% disabled for life and I need help, please! I live in a small town outside of Columbia,SC. Dispite having homeowners insurance, in which they paid $1400.00 of the 4600.00 needed to replace roof and ceiling in my home.I was told that I have only 180 days to get this done or my home would be condemned until I take care of it
Not sure how much time is left, but I live on $741.00 a month, SS, not even enough to pay my bills. The motor went out in my car, the wind blew part of my fence down, I need a new well pump because my it puts out small amounts at a time. I don't know what to do. I have tried everything and everywhere, no one will help me! I even got scammed on website trying to get help. Please help, I am live alone and I am alone
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I just compleated a court order eviction. To day i recived another 7say notice. Can you help?
woman in a shoe   in reply to firegirl1976
I am sorry but the person u posted to not been on here for some years now. All we can do on here is give u information where u mite get help type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will fine a lot of information there that helps if they got the funds
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hello my mother was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and is getting ready to start chemo and she is needing help with her electric and water bill is there anywhere in warrenton nc that can help us
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How will u b able to contact me without atleast my email? ... as i dont know how to get un contact with you oh this goes with my mssg below thank you please help me andrea
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woman in a shoe   in reply to and
Well if u are blind how are u typeing this. But the person u posted to not been on here for a very very long time. There no cash on this site only information if they got the funds to 211 they help with rent light gas water if they got the funds
Talk to woman in a shoe
I lost my husband last valentines day to suicide after dealing with my behcets diseases hard ships simply pushed him over the edge we were living in nv at the time i was evicted found out everything i thought we had money storage units etc where all gone after his death and he must have not had the heart to tell me himself i was brought here and left in az where i now reside in bouse i owe dep and back and current rent i have no money am legally blind so require help getting around i have basicly become bed ridden getting sicker and sicker i have no family or friends am basicly all alone in the world and desperatly need money to live and pay back rents owed until my disabuilaty is approved im so scared sad and am in desperate need of financial help i was approved for food and medical but desperatly need money to live and somehow rebuild after my world has been shatterd if you can plz help me all i have is my cat and a few clths not even a wedding picture after almost a decade of love and loyalty im a good person whos never even been in trouble without hope i feel i wont make it eather please help me!!!!! God bless'
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Need vehicle repaire husband is gonna loose job I can not work do to being blind please,please,help my family
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Rdcess
This person u posted to not been on here in some years now sorry
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Pender county, nc. Being evicted, bills overdue. Please help?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to bandb82
First we can only give u information where u mite get help. I know u didn't ask for this but I let everyone I Post to know this. There 2 ways. One call 211 I don't know if u give city state or your zip code tell them what u need he'll with have pen and paper when u call. 2. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state
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bandb82   in reply to woman in a shoe
How do u try for fianical help
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Hello. I have been searching the web....just found you. Do you have a Canadian affiliate? as i don't imagine you assist outside your country. looking forward to your response. thank you!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to AZKZYLDY
U welcome
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AZKZYLDY   in reply to woman in a shoe
thank you for trying
AZKZYLDY   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank you
woman in a shoe   in reply to AZKZYLDY
Hi I have look for help for u but it only show county's so ever city has one of these fine the phone numbers for them I am sorry I couldn't fine address and phone numbers for these u can look on line call information look in the phone book. Catholic social services. Salvation army. St Vincent depaul. Community action agency. All of these help with light gas rent water if they got the fund s for what u need help with
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woman in a shoe   in reply to AZKZYLDY
OK I will look u can fig out how u going to get there u got to post to someone than I will look and see if I can fine something for u
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AZKZYLDY   in reply to woman in a shoe
I do not know I need someone to come to me or find taxi money. It is like I said financial help I need badly.